Covid-19 Infos

Last updated: September 18, 2020

Dear SLASHies,
We take the utmost care to give you a fun and safe festival. This requires us all to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • There will be reserved seating only, so no free choice of seats.
  • Please wear a face mask to cover your mouth and nose in the theater the whole time, also when you are seated in your allocated seat. Whether it’s a homesewn mask, a SLASH mask, or a Michael Myers mask is up to you—as long as it covers your mouth and nose. This also applies to restrooms.
  • We try to provide contactless ticketing wherever possible. Please buy your tickets online in advance whenever possible.
  • When buying a ticket, you will be given the option of providing your name and/or phone number/e-mail address for contract tracing. This way we will be able to contact you in a worst-case scenario. Your data will be stored for contact tracing purposes only and securely destroyed after 28 days. You have our word.
  • No matter how happy (or afraid) you may be, please keep a distance of at least one meter from others.
  • In the auditorium, you may sit next to your companion only. Otherwise one seat must be kept vacant on either side. This is an urgent request to follow this protocol and to refrain from forming groups.
  • Long-time SLASHies have seen their share of gruesome and nasty things to know how important it is to wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them afterward. There will be an ample supply of disinfectant.
  • It’s not the overall excitement that messes with your circulation, but a full-blown fever? We will take each moviegoer’s temperature before they enter (non-contact temperature measurement!) If you have a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we will not be able to let you enter.
  • The theater will be ventilated between presentations. This should also come in handy after a particularly spine-chilling movie.
  • To avoid crowds in the foyer, we ask you to arrive shortly before the movie starts, so that you can enter the auditorium straight away without lingering outside. After the screening, please exit the theater through the courtyard (Filmcasino), the back exit (Metro), or the emergency exit (Schikaneder) respectively.
  • Our team will clean and disinfect surfaces such as door handles regularly.

We do our best to keep everyone healthy and we hope to celebrate—a little differently than usual but no less joyfully—a wonderful SLASH edition with you. After all, there’s probably no audience that’s better prepared for a pandemic, a zombie apocalypse, or some other dystopian cataclysm than you!

Please contact for any further questions