Beauty Water

Beauty Water | Kyung-hun Cho | KR 2020 | 85 Min | DCP

As a chubby woman, Yaeji is used to everyone making fun of her. But after being publicly shamed on social media, she resorts to desperate measures: She lets herself be talked into a risky treatment with the titular Beauty Water. Now, she fits the beauty ideal to a T and becomes a supermodel, at least until the side effects kick in. Kyung-hun Cho’s first animated feature is a biting commentary on people’s obsession with looks in South Korea and elsewhere, packaged as a juicy body-horror piece on the inexhaustible topic of appearances and reality in a world both digital and analog.

Oskar Lehemaa | EST 2019 | 14′ | no dialogue

Insecure and balding Leo has closed himself in his apartment to try hair growth liquid for fixing up his looks. The liquid causes a series of grotesque metamorphoses with his skin and hair and the evening quickly turns into chaos.

Kyung-hun Cho
graduated from Yonsei University in business administration. He directed the short animations Constipation (1996), Hungry (2000), and Revenge impossible 2 (2001). After that, he founded a production company, Studio Animal, where he managed various projects as a director and producer. His best-known titles produced at Studio Animal are Medical Island (2003), Ghost Messenger (2010), and Hanging On! (2014). Beauty Water is his first directed feature animation.
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Language OmeU
Cast Voices: Nam-sook Moon, Min-hyuk Jang, Hyun-jung Cho, Bo-young Kim
Writer Han-bin Lee
Editing Kyung-hun Cho
Cinematography Seong-cheol Moon