Fan Shiao | John Hsu | TW 2019 | 103 Min | DCP

Taiwan, 1962: the Kuomintang regime perse- cutes political rivals and dissidents. Fear reigns supreme, even in Ray-shin’s school. And yet, she periodically meets up with other free thinkers in her teacher Ming-hui’s book club. When Ming-hui goes missing, she and a classmate embark on a quest for him. But the night transforms the school into a hellish labyrinth where ghosts wail and demons dwell. Detention, adapted from the eponymous video game, shows political terror as a vision of horror: one of the most intelligent genre films of the year.

John Hsu
graduated from the department of Radio, Television and Film at Shih Hsin University. In his work he follows his special interest in digital culture, video games, comedy, and science fiction. Hsu is cofounder of AFK PL@YERS, the biggest machinima production group in Taiwan. His debut feature film Detention (2019), based on a video game of the same name, was nominated for twelve prizes at the 56th Golden Horse Awards and won five, including Best Adapted Screenplay as well as Best New Director.
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Language OmeU
Cast Gingle Wang, Meng-Po Fu, Jing-Hua Tseng, Cecilia Choi, Hung Chang Chu, Yue-Ti Liu
Writer Shih-Keng Chien, Lyra Fu, John Hsu
Editing Meng-Ju Shieh
Cinematography Yi-Hsien Chou