Happy Face

Happy Face | Alexandre Franchi | CA 2018 | 97 Min | DCP

Young Stan has a hard time dealing with the way his mother’s late-stage cancer is rapidly changing her body. By way of autotherapy, he bandages his face and sneaks into a self-help group for people with disfigured faces. While the group leader tries to instruct the participants to love themselves and get all cuddly, Stan incites a rebellion in this band of outsiders against the exclusionary normative society. Happy Face is a movie of riotous empowerment, spiritually following in the footsteps of Tod Browning’s masterpiece Freaks.

Alexandre Franchi
is a Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter known for the award-winning The Wild Hunt (2009, Best Canadian First Feature at the Toronto International Film Festival), his short film Fata Morgana (2002), and his second feature film Happy Face (2018).
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Language eOV
Cast Robin L'Houmeau, Debbie Lynch-White, Dean Perseo, David Roche, E.R. Ruiz
Writer Alexandre Franchi, Joelle Bourjolly
Editing Amélie Labrèche, Hubert Hayaud
Cinematography Claudine Sauvé