Savage State

L'état sauvage | David Perrault | FR/CA 2019 | 118 Min | DCP

A wealthy French family of settlers is driven out of Missouri during the height of the American Civil War and must embark on a long and dangerous journey eastward: Led by the taciturn but charismatic mercenary cowboy Victor, and with a bloodthirsty group of outlaws on their trail, the family sees its internal bourgeois power structures crumble. Incidentally, all this allows daughter Abigail to find herself in the dangerous freedom of the Wild West. With Savage State, director David Perrault has created a compelling revisionist western with a feminist slant.

David Perrault
graduated from the Screenwriting Department from La Fémis. He is a writer and director known for his first feature Nos héros sont morts ce soir (2013), which represented France in the Competition section at Critics Week and was nominated for Golden Camera at Cannes Film Festival in 2013.
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Language OmeU
Cast Alice Isaaz, Kevin Janssens, Déborah François
Writer David Perrault
Editing Maxime Pozzi-Garcia
Cinematography Christophe Duchange