Son of the White Mare

Fehérlófia | Marcell Jankovics | HU 1981 | 86 Min | DCP

The titular Son of the White Mare sallies out with his two brothers to find the gateway to the underworld, where they must kill three dragons and free just as many princesses. The second of altogether four animated features by the Hungarian director Marcell Jankovics is his indisputable masterpiece and the apotheosis of analog animation. Inspired by the folktales of ancient European steppe peoples, Son of the White Mare gallops through surrealistic, almost psychedelic landscapes somewhere between Folk Art and Pop Art, Yellow Submarine and Jodorowsky.

Marcell Jankovics
(* 1941 in Budapest) started working at Hungary’s biggest animations studio, Pannonia, in 1960 after he had finished school. He started as “inbetweener” (phase drawer) and soon became an animator, and director. He received multiple awards at the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival since 1985, and an Oscar nomination for the animated short Sisyphus (1974), which got recent attention when it was used in a car ad during the 2008 Super Bowl. His short movie The Struggle (1977) was awarded with a Palme d'Or at Cannes. While often called "the Walt Disney of Hungary," Jankovics’s animation style has a very unique artistic expression and also abstract levels to it.
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Language OmeU
Cast György Cserhalmi, Vera Pap, Gyula Szabó
Writer Marcell Jankovics, László György
Editing Magda Hap, Mária Kern, Valéria Pauka, Judit Szarvas
Cinematography Zoltán Bacsó