She Dies Tomorrow

She Dies Tomorrow | Amy Seimetz | US 2020 | 84 Min | DCP

Amy wakes up one morning convinced that she will die the next day. Her friend Jane first blames the young woman’s depression and alcoholism but is quickly overcome by a sense that she, too, has only hours to live. Helming her second feature, the actor Amy Seimetz tells the story of a mysterious premonition of death that runs rampant like an epidemic. Which seems uncannily topical these days but is also a feel-bad movie for the ages—as challenging in its experimental flow as it is magnificent.

Amy Seimetz
first came to prominence producing and directing shorts and independent films. She became notable as an actress after her performance in Joe Swanberg’s Alexander The Last, a Noah Baumbach produced film which premiered at SXSW. She continued her streak of solid indie performances such as in Lawrence Levine’s Gabi On The Roof In July and Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture. Her performance in the horror thriller A Horrible Way To Die (SLASH 2011) won her the Best Actress award at Fantastic Fest, the biggest genre film festival in the US. She also appeared in Adam Wingard’s You’re Next (SLASH 2013) and Ti West’s The Sacrament (SLASH 2014) as well as in more mainstream movies like Alien: Covenant (2017) and Pet Sematary (2018). In 2012 Seimetz made her narrative feature directorial debut with her Floridian thriller Sun Don’t Shine, which she also wrote, produced, and coedited, and which received raved reviews.
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Language eOV
Cast Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams, Kentucker Audley
Writer Amy Seimetz
Editing Kate Brokaw
Cinematography Jay Keitel