The Returned

Los que vuelven | Laura Casabé | AR 2019 | 92 Min | DCP

Argentina, 1919: Julia and Mariano operate a yerba maté plantation in the dense forests of the country’s northern parts. When their child is stillborn, Julia decides to pray to Iguazú, a deity of the indigenous Guaraní, who have been exploited and oppressed by local landowners for years. The baby does come back to life, but it is not the only thing that returns. Director Laura Casabé’s The Returned is a beautifully shot, politically charged subtropical malady. Its three chapters pile on and strip away the layers to venture into this horror drama’s quaking core—an exceptional film!

Laura Casabé
is an Argentinian director. She returns after her features El hada buena – Una fábula peronista (2010) and La valija de Benavídez (Benavídez’s Case, 2016) with an entirely different vibe: her latest work, shown at this year’s SLASH, is an atmospheric, alienating slow-burner.
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Language OmeU
Cast Alberto Ajaka, Edgardo Castro, Javier Drolas
Writer Laura Casabé, Lisandro Bera, Paulo Soria
Editing Daniel Casabé, Luz Lopez Mañe
Cinematography Leonardo Hermo