The Visitor

Stridulum | Giulio Paradisi | IT 1979 | 108 Min | DCP

The earth is threatened by mutants whose only goal is to reproduce. One of them is Katie, who puts her human mother in a wheelchair in a mysterious accident and maintains a good relationship with her murdering pet bird. She really wants a little brother, who would also be born as a mutant due to the nature of mother’s uterus. Will her wish come true? John Husten as a babysitter of transgalactic wisdom, Franco Nero as Jesus out of space and US-Enfant Terrible Sam Peckinpah: The cast is as unique as the story, which can hardly be summarized in a few sentences. In terms of film history and style, it is somewhere between Alejandro Jodorowsky’s early work and the films of Richard Stanley.

Giulio Paradisi
(* 1934 in Rome) is an Italian actor, writer, and theater director known for La dolce vita (1960), and (1963). Before he got behind the camera he played small roles in movies by the likes of Federico Fellini and Farncesco Maselli. Other films under his direction are Terzo Canale – Avventura a Montecarlo (1970), Tesoromio (1979) and Spaghetti House (1982).
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Language eOV
Cast Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, Lance Henriksen, John Huston, Paige Conner
Writer Lou Comici, Robert Mundi, Ovidio G. Assonitis, Giulio Paradisi
Editing Roberto Curi
Cinematography Ennio Guarnieri


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